Review: Redbubble (Part I)

Hello medunauts! (Lee este post en español AQUÍ ) This is another review from your friendly neighborhood Medusa. Today:  REDBUBBLE ...

Hello medunauts!

(Lee este post en español AQUÍ)

This is another review from your friendly neighborhood Medusa. Today: REDBUBBLE (Part I, I had to split the post due its lenght).

I delayed this one because I wanted to have time to try several products before writing a complete review. I didn't had the chance to try EVERY product from Redbubble, but this will help to figure out how the overall Redbubble quality is. As I always say, I try to keep it honest; I purchased with my own money some items, some others were gifts. No one pays me for writing this.

Here we go!

How it works

Redbubble is an online shop (creative community and marketplace in its own words) that allows you to buy and sell a large variety of designs in a vast range of products. About the shipping: "We ensure your goodies will be printed in the most convenient location for your delivery address, ensuring fast and affordable shipping services!" True, the shipping is affordable and the products are printed in several locations. So shipping it's not a thing to worry about.

As designer, you can set your own % of commision for almost each product. It's set to 20% by default. The control panel it's easy to use. You can upload a single file, or go to every product to update it with another file. Also, some products will allow you to select a background color, and several setting options to create patterns (for example, for leggins) and size. Some products share file with other ones, like pillows and tote bags. You can activate and deactivate your designs. Even make calendars!

This is how the uploader panel looks after
the upload of your design

If you want to sell through Redbubble, you better take your time to write good product tittles, descriptions and HASHTAGS (up to 50). Redbubble community is big, so you want the customers find your work among more than 400.000 artists and designers. Remember the importance of tagging properly seasonal designs such as Valentine's, Christmas and Halloween.

THE CUSTOMER TIP: Try several combination of words in the search box, so you can find the products that suit your taste (for example: FATHERS DAY T-SHIRT, DAD TEES, MEN FUNNY CLOTHING, etc, not only one word). Also, subscribe to Redbubble to receive deals and interesting discounts. It's always good to purchase something with a nice 20% off.

DESIGNERS: They're providing amazing things such as TEMPLATES to promote your Redbubble things. Super helpful! More info HERE

You can see my Redbubble shop HERE


The T-shirts (Womens and mens classic T-shirts)

Sorry for the wrinkles ehee. T-shirt "Relojes de Mariposa" by Hittouch 

I remember years ago how much average were Redbubble T-shirts. I mean, they were cool and the designs were printed clear and fine, but the printing quality wasn't outstanding compared to other DGT printing online shops. Also, their product mockups were old fashioned and didn't show properly how the product may look over a real model.

With time, some DGT printing sites got mad skills and turned out hard to beat. So definitely T-shirts weren't the strong point on Redbubble (I repeat: compared to others like Neatoshop that prints and fullfills in-house, so they control first hand the printing process quality) and something similar happens with Society6. BUT. BUT BUT keep reading.

Detail. T-shirt by Hittouch 
But in recent years I noticed some improvements that made me happy. Not only they updated the uploader and the range of products, but they added real models for the mockups, so designers and customers get the idea of how the garments look IRL. Also, the designs looks less darken over dark garments, and the print looks sharpen than before. The printing surface looks bigger (something that is relevant to me, specially wearing big sizes).

Detail. Design by Hittouch
And SUPER IMPORTANT: They are ethically sourced, as it's stated in the product description of each T-shirt.

So yes, I would keep recommending to you to sell your designs as T-shirts in Redbubble, and I will recommend customers to get their fancy tees on Redbubble as well. Maybe they aren't the best tee printers (sorry, that award goes to Neatoshop), but now they are one of the good ones and you will not get dissapointed. Soft and light tees!
Features: Plain colour t-shirts are 100% Cotton, Heather Grey is 90% Cotton/10% Polyester, Charcoal Heather is 52% Cotton/48% Polyester

Contrast Tanks

Contrast Tank, my design "Iberian Hecate"
The contrast tanks are one of the recent additions to the womens Redbubble catalog. These tanks are a -much needed in the Redbubble catalogue- versatile garment that can be informal or elegant, depending how you wear it.
They have a solid black or white back panel (it's up to you), and an all-over sublimated front that gives a lot of possibilities to designers, and will please customers.
Why this girl is so pretty and joyful, I don't know
FRONT PANEL: Slightly sheer 100% Polyester chiffon with silky handfeel. Sublimated.
BACK PANEL: Option of black or white 96% Polyester/ 4% Elastane soft jersey

The feeling is soft and flowy, and the fit is loose and comfy. When I received it I was surprised at the sheer fabric in the front panel. It is an elegant and sexy twist in the garment, and not too much revealing. The collar cut is elegant and isn't too much narrow or too much wide.

I think contrast tanks are a favourite of mine in my wardrobe, and I cannont stop recommending it enough to you, customers, seriously give it a try. It's a really elegant gift with a nice fit. And to you, designers! Play with the all-over printed panel, let your designs take all the fabric!

The A-Line dresses

Oh noes it's the pretty girl again, she's so nice

I'm used to skater dresses so I hesitated to get it, but I had to try this one out. It has an original vibe that can be worn as an informal dress with sport shoes or an fancy one.

"Cosmic Lover" A-Line dress
When I received it I was a bit deceived at first. The colors where ok, the huge art print over the garment was amazing and detailed, and it was an all-over print! YES, all over the dress, back and front. But when I touched it... the fabric was so thin. I never had a dress with a fabric like that. So I hesitated if I grabbed a good deal or just a weak dress.

WELL, I'm glad I was wrong. Holy sh**, why I didn't purchased it before. Seriously, this is way too comfy. The fabric is thin but that doesn't mean weak as I anticipated. It's light, soffffffft and comfortable. When I put this on, in the middle of the heavy spanish summer, it was like wearing breeze. Omg it feels so good. Once you get used to the fabric and its softness, you will want to use it everyday. I dont recommend it for heavy winters (unless you use it with long sleeve tees and leggins under this garment, and a nice knitted jacket over it) but definitely I will recommend this dress + knitted jacket for spring, and it alone with sandals or sport shoes for summer. FAVOURITE. OF. MINE. I prefer it to the graphic dresses, the long unfitted T-shirt look is not much my cup of tea.
- 100% Polyester woven dress fabric with silky handfeel
- Print covers entire front and back panel
- Loose swing shape for an easy, flowy fit

"Iberian Hecate" Leggins
Redbubble leggins are way too cool. The print is amazing and the leggins are light but sturdy and comfortable. They fit to your body perfectly if you pick the right size and the print is detailed.

I just made a mistake. My leggins are way too tightened. I can explain this. After few uses, the sewing started to loose a bit BECAUSE MY BOOTY AND CHUBBY LEGS, you know. I'm a 2XL size and ordered the XL because there was no bigger size and wanted so badly my Hecate leggins. So the leggins are OK if you get the proper size, good quality and the sewing is strong, but it doesn't do miracles. I will suggest Redbubble to add at least 1 size up. Big girls also do yoga and stuff.
Features:Made with 88% Polyester, 12% Elastane
Stretch waistband
Full print front side and back side
Hand wash only

 Relaxed fit T-shirts
Another pretty girl. Design: "Botanicals: Peonies Vintage"
I didn't had the chance to take photos of this one, but gonna tell my experience anyway. Grabbed my Botanicals: Peonies Vintage relaxed fit T-shirt in cream color to have a romantic and versatile tee. This wasn't my first ride with the relaxed fit T-shirts: I purchased first one in black with my design "Serpentine" on it and I was so pleased with it that I had to repeat. 

The fit is flowy and loose, the collar is open wide (my favourite collar kind) and it's soft and comfy. I even tried this at yoga and it was soooo perfect. Don't worry if you're a big size like me, they are oversized!

In my opinion, the only thing that can make this garment better is to make the print bigger, since the fabric offers a lot of space to host huge prints.
Features: - Boxy, oversized fit with wide scoop neckline
- Solid colors: 100% Cotton, Heather Colors: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester
- Ethically sourced

Zip Hoodies
Headless knight

Aaand sorry because I have no photos of this one as well.

You can select where your print goes: back or front. My boyfriend picked a black hoodie with back print of my design "All the powers of hell". When it arrived, we were amazed. The print was big on the back, it was kinda badass.

But well, not everything on every shop is awesomesauce. The print over the back of the zipper hoodie washed off after some months of use, so it faded and it's almost unrecognizable. That's not cool, Redbubble. My boyfriend keeps using it because the fabric and the fit are comfy, but we don't know why it faded that way so we're a bit dissapointed with the hoodies.

So choose wisely before getting one from Redbubble. Not everybody is having same kind of issue with their hoodies, bear that in mind, but I cant hide we were far from satisfied with ours (also, this isn't the first issue I had with hoodies. I have a non-zip hoodie from other shop that faded as well. That needs an apart review) Nobody is perfect, so I know they will improve this.
Heavyweight 9oz preshrunk cotton rich fleece - 80% Cotton 20% Polyester
Front pouch pocket, matching drawstring and rib cuffs
Ethically sourced following the World Responsible Apparel Practices Standards
OVERALL RATING (about clothing): 4/5 It's worth a purchase!
PROS: Promos, discounts and wide range of products to choose from. Packaging.
CONS: Weak point on hoodies, and lacks of big sizes in some products as leggins. Their previous weak point were T-shirts but they improved.

Well, this is my Redbubble PART I review. Stick with me for the 2nd part! Notebooks, acrylic blocks, studio pouches and more! Visit my Redbubble shop here, with each share and/or purchase you're supporting an artist who does free reviews. Supporting artists is cool!


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